Tuff-Bag Double Bass Cover

Tuff-Bag Upright Bass Cover

I purchased the Tuff-Bag double bass case earlier this year from String Emporium. Amazingly, this gig bag only came to a fraction over $300 “out-the-door” with a 3-year warranty, so I couldn’t not give it a shot. So far, I’m extremely happy with that decision! I’ve had bad luck with cases in the past, namely Lemur’s POS™ Bag (words to that effect), but that’s a review for another time. Focusing on the Tuff-Bag, it’s easy to stay positive. It’s got a plethora of handles, which are all useful and ergonomically placed. The zippers seem very sturdy and there’s an ingenius padded flap that lies between the zipper and your bass. It has a generous amount of pouches. I use one for cables, one for my tool bag and/or wheel, and one for the bow case. There is a large pocket on the back, divided in two; one for sheet music & one for you endpin. My endpin rod is actually too long to fit here, so I just slip it in with my bow case. The handy neck-clinch adds to the overall snugness and leaves me very well satisfied with the level of protection I’m getting. I’m only a few months in, but so far there is truth to the claims that this case is as high-quality as ones sold for twice as much.

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