What, Exactly, am I Looking At?

The massive power outage in Southern California & Arizona, back in September 2011, turned into a pretty meaningful experience for many people who welcomed the unexpected break from the norm. In addition to spontaneous moonlit walks & ice cream give-aways, a lot of people went really old-fashioned and began conversing with their neighbors. Anyhow, this was my experience. My conversation started with your average “Hey, how about this predicament?” and quickly got into the realm of weird stuff, i.e. Prophesies, Tesla, Alternative Energy, Pyramids, Ancient Astronauts, UFOs, etc. (You may know I’m mildly obsessed with this stuff!). And maybe it was the mood of the night, but this interesting conversation took an even more interesting turn, that of which I’d like to share.

I had recently skimmed over a book I saw in the San Diego Public Library—which I have since purchased & read—called Who Built the Moon, by Christopher Knight & Alan Butler. Easily joining my list of favorites. Drawing from completely uncontroversial scientific data, this book’s authors contend that the moon’s existence is nothing short of miraculous! By factoring in the moon’s numerous anomalous properties, as well as its profound biological effects on the Earth, they show that its probability of being merely a happy accident is virtually zero! What with its sponge-like gravitational unevenness, distance from the sun & apparent size ratio of 400/1, tidal lock, stabilizing effect that gives us our 4 seasons, and way too many other peculiarities to repeat/spoil here. But, basically, we would not have evolved, and life itself may not have proliferated, if it weren’t for the moon having its exact size, shape, distance, orbit, etc.

As I was conveying this info to my neighbor, he responded by telling me that he had pictures of an artificial structure on the Moon! Now, I enjoy Coast to Coast. I’ll entertain a lot of ideas. “Go on…” He didn’t have the pictures to show me right away, but he assured me that he would dig around for them so I could see them soon. He went on to say the images were taken by the Clementine telescope, back in the ’90s. Having never heard of that, I discovered on my own that NASA launched the Clementine space telescope in January of 1994 for the purpose of lunar mapping. As a side note, not only did it achieve this purpose, it also presented the first evidence to indicate that there was enough water on the moon to support a human colony and rocket fueling station!

Moving on, my neighbor claims he obtained these images in a very simple way. Apparently, years ago, Joe Public (not his real name) could visit the official website for the Clementine space telescope, type in coordinates, and it would pull of the raw images from that area of the survey. So, he happened to have a friend who knew some special coordinates. One day they sat down together, typed in the coordinates, saw what there is to see & hit print. He finally gave me his photo copies (obviously printed on a pre-dynastic printer), which I have scanned & uploaded here, so you can gather that these are not the highest of quality & leave quite a bit to be desired (or quite a bit to the imagination, if you like).

Moon Base? as seen from Clementine

Moon Base? as seen from Clementine

He says, according to a reference scale on the monitor, this structure covers several square miles. I can only guess wildly at the answers to what, exactly, I am even looking at?, let alone who put it there?, when?, why?, and what goes on inside? Absolutely no part of me believes that he would lying about how & where he obtained these images. Which leaves 2 possibilities that I can see: (1) The images are authentic, or (2) some type of entity in a position of authority is hellbent on messing with our minds. I’m inclined to believe both scenarios, since they are not mutually exclusive. An arm of this entity must have put the kibosh on that handy public website feature soon after my neighbor printed himself a “hard copy” (if you can call it that). I’m the type of person who has Google image’d “Moon Bases” before, so what’s particularly interesting to me is that this image (while of poor quality) is nothing like others I’ve found online (also of questionable authenticity).

All I know is we can’t possibly hope to begin to fathom how much we don’t know. But we have to try! We are here to learn! I’d love to hear from anyone who has used the Clementine website in this capacity, or who is familiar with this image, or has a similarly interesting story to tell.



2 Responses to “What, Exactly, am I Looking At?”

  • hal says: Aug 8, 2015 at 6:24 PM

    Hi! I have an original image downloaded from the Clementine Lunar Image Browser at http://www.cmf.nrl.navy.mil/clementine/clib/. It looks as though the CLIB is no longer available but I can assure you the image is genuine. I have no idea what the rectangular object is and have not been able to find a resonable explanation. Maybe it's just a glitch on the film. Did they use a digital camera in the 1990's? If you want a copy of the image give me an email address and I'll send it to you. Regards, Hal.

    • doug says: Nov 17, 2016 at 1:28 PM

      Hi Hal, Thanks for your reply. And sorry to not get back to you for over a year! Yes, I would love more pictures. Please send them to comments@walkerofbass.com at your convenience. Since writing this post, I have discovered that much has been said online about the Clementine mission, and there are numerous "authentic" images with obvious purposeful blurring, and which seem to suggest unnatural formations. I won't pretend to know who (or what) this is (or isn't) all about, but it is fascinating, nevertheless.

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