David Gage Realist SoundClip

David Gage Realist SoundClip

UPDATE: Jan 2013

I took it back! After the initial “new-expensive-toy” excitement wore off, I was left very unimpressed. Since I waited too long for a full refund, I exchanged it for a bow re-hair & a set of Obligatos. I’m back on the original Realist. Maybe someday I’ll try the DPA 4099B…


I’ve been incredibly happy with David Gage’s well-known original Realist pickup for many years now. But after getting a new bridge installed, I wanted to take the opportunity to try something else that would allow the bridge feet to make full contact with the top of the bass, as intended, and to use one great pickup between multiple basses. The Realist SoundClip seemed ideal. One of the selling points is that the pickup can be “fine-tuned”, depending on its placement on the bridge & by using the adjustable weight system. And John Patitucci gives a favorable demonstration on YouTube. Yes, it’s a lot of $$$, but less than a mic system, and a lot less gear.

I must say I’ve still got a lot of experimenting to do before I can trust it on any given gig. I’m finding it much harder to EQ than the original Realist, needing more Lows, less Low-Mid & less Highs. Whereas the original sounds great with relatively flat EQ. That being said, I’ve managed to achieve an ideal amplified tone with the SoundClip on a few of my quieter gigs, but I’m skeptical of using it for louder gigs because it’s more prone to feeding back. So I also must say that, for the money, I’m a little frustrated that I’m not head-over-heels excited about the superb sound right out of the box. I’m gonna hang on to it, but it will definitely be a while before I’m comfortable enough to uninstall the original Realist.

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