DNA: DNS-112N Micro


  • Bass Speaker Cabinet
  • (1) 12" Woofer w/ neodymium magnets
  • Adjustable Tweeter
  • Front-Ported
  • 450 Watts @ 8 Ohms
  • About 30 Lbs

I absolutely love this cabinet! It has turned out to be one of my best investments. It sounds great with upright and electric – even 5-string. It’s ridiculously light-weight. In fact, I was worried when I first opened it because it looked so small (only 12″ deep) – I couldn’t fathom that it would actually be as powerful as advertised. It is! It gets along very well with my Markbass Tube 800. The Micro version does not get the super low-end¬†response as the non-Micro, but it also saves 20 Lbs. For my tastes, it’s definitely worth the trade-off. With upright, I don’t really need those frequencies. And even with 5 string electric, I get plenty of room-shaking low-end. I sounds great when pushed, but also sounds incredible at low volume, so it’s been ideal for all my jazz casuals.


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