Eastwood Classic 4

I love this little bass so much, for a lot of reasons. It’s a semi-hollow body, so it’s super light weight and loud enough to practice comfortably without an amp. It’s inexpensive as hell. It looks cool. It’s a short-scale bass, which has taken some getting used to, especially when switching between it and upright bass, but the neck width is still nice & chunky. And it’s got awesome tone! It is super warm increasingly up the neck towards the 12th fret, and super punchy towards the nut. It gets along great with my Markbass head & Hartke speaker, giving me that warm vintage soul/funk tone I’ve admired so much from my heroes. You can tone it down, too, to make it a great support for Classic Rock, County, or anything else.

I was first hipped to this type of bass while recording with Blue Sky Pie in Jeff Berkley‘s studio. He had an older Ibanez version (which I think once belonged to Gregory Page). Of course it was a right-handed model, so I had to play it upside-down — but even still, I fell in love with the vibe.

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