Warmoth J Bass

1998 Warmoth JBass 4-string

It sure is hard to beat this bass. In more ways than one, as it does stand up to quite a beating. The Bartolini does give it a punchy, growly modern tone, but I think it’s still more versatile than a Music Man. The pickup is in the Warmoth “Sweet Spot”, which is more toward the neck than the Music Man position, so there’s a little more warmth. I can get a nice variety tones depending on where I pluck. The only thing I don’t like is the always active preamp. I really want a passive switch. Or if I have to choose one or the other, I want passive. I just don’t see much need to bring a battery into the equation.

Custom Bass Kit, purchased 1997
4-String, 22-Fret, Bartolini Electronics
Walnut body. Maple/Ebony Neck.

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